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About Plantinspirations


Online Plant Nursery Melbourne


Plantinspirations Online Plant Nursery also sells via Ebay and is open to the public at 2c Holts lane Bacchus Marsh 3340.  Over the past years we have sold many millions of plants. We have developed a great range of stock, as well as gathering a fantastc customer base who return to buy.  We have positive feedback ratings from over 21,000 customers on ebay.


We happily answer queries or will give you a quote on large multi plant and multi variety orders.  Please call us on 0404850324 or email us at plantinspirations@bigpond.com 

There is also a Contact Us link above 

Online Purchases

For your convenience we have included a PayPal checkout option, which allows anyone with a Visa, Mastercard or bank account linked to PayPal, to quickly and securely purchase online.


We also accept cash, cheques and money orders.  If you would like to use one of these methods or would prefer to pay over the phone with your credit card, phone us on 0404 850 324 or submit your order via the PayPal alternative form on the checkout page.



Plants will be sent on the Monday after your payment has been verified as received.  Occasionally a varietiy will be out of stock before we have a chance to update the site. If this is the case we will gladly refund you your money, or if you want you can select another variety.


Online Plant Nursery Sales

A wide range of plants available from Tree to Shrubs Hedge plants Bonsai Dwarf Groundcover Bulbs Conifer Cottage Herbs Native plants Flowers Flax Lilly Pilly Cordyline Grass House Garden plants Bulk Wholesale plants Agapanthus Pittosporum James stirling Silver sheen Bottlebrush English Dutch Oz Japanese box Hedge Lavender Rosemary Lily Native Plants DROUGHT SURVIVORS etc etc


Free how to grow cultivation notes emailed on request.


We are constantly growing in our online plants sales stock range.


Please Bookmark Plantinspirations Online Nursery Plants Sales Garden Centre into your favourites, so you can quickly find us in the future.

Just some of the varieties we often stock(We can also often source rare and hard to get varieties if you want them in larger amounts).

The varieties below are in 50mm pots or hyco trays

Abelia grandiflora White

Abelia floribunda Deep pink

Acacia howittii, Sticky wattle Flowers in Spring

Acacia Wattles ( we usually have a few varieties in stock)

Agapanthus Miniature Baby blue 

Ajuga purpurea 

Boobialla (myoporum) ground cover pink flowering. Flowers late spring to summer

Boobialla (myoporum) ground cover pink flowering. Flowers late spring to summer

Banksia Ericifolia, Gold Flower. Flowers Autumn

Banksia ericifolia Burgundy flower. Flowers Autumn/spring

Bottle Brush Endeavor red

Bottle brush Kings park Red

Bottle Brush Lemon scented

Bottle brush Dawson weeper Red

Scarlet Bottle brush red 

Bottle brush wilderness white.

Bottlebrush Candy Pink

Bottle brush River yellow

Carex Frosty curls sedge grass

Carex leather sedge grass

Carex Bronze/orange sedge

Castlewellan Gold Cupressocyparis Leylandii conifer

Casuarina Rose She oak

Choisya ternate Mexican orange blossom

Conifer Juniperus horizontalis Conifer Blue rug

Conifer Juniperus Horizontalis Youngstown

Conifer Juniperus communis "Repanda 

Conifer Juniperus scopulorum

Conifer Chamaecyparis Erecta Viridis

Conifer Cupressocyparis Leylandii green or gold form

Correa Alba (White Correa) Flowers spring

Correa alba red form. Flowers in spring.

Correa Dusky bells (pink) Flowers in Spring

Correa glabra Green Flowers in Spring

Devon Blue skies

Dianella revoluta. Flowers in spring

Dietes grandiflora.

Dietes Bi color

Dodonaea viscosa Hop bush dodonea. Flowers spring to summer.

Escallonia Pink pixie

English Box Buxus sempervirens

English Daisy Bellis perennis

Erigeron karvinskianus Seaside daisy

Eucalyptus Blue gum. Flowers early spring to summer

Eucalyptus torelliana, Cadagi Flowers in spring to summer

Eucalyptus Ironbark. Flowers winter to summer.

Eucalyptus Red gum. camaldulensis Flowers winter to spring

Eucalyptus Sugar gum. Flowers in spring to summer

Eucalyptus Manna gum. Summerto Autumn flowering.

Eucalyptus Platypus gum. Flowers in spring to summer.

Eucalyptus blue box gum

Euonymus japonica tom thumb box 

Flax Phormium tenax Purple (purpureum) 

Flowering gum Corymbia ficifolia (Previously known as Eucalyptus ficifolia) Flowers in summer to autumn

Golden Diosma Gold

Gold Fussia 

Grevillea Lemon supreme,

Grevillea Canterbury gold 

Grevillea Amethyst

Clearview David, Pink

Grevillea Mix (we usually have a couple of other varieties in stock as well.

Hakea pincushion Moderate frost tolerance. Flowers in winter

Hardenbergia Happy wanderer Ground cover vine

Hebe Blue gem

Hebe Marie Antonette

Hebe Snowdrift

Hebe Wiri Blush

Hebe Wiri Charm,

Hebe Wiri Cloud

Hebe Wiri splash

Hebe Waireka

Japanese Blood Grass

Jasmine polyanthum

Jasmine solanum (potato vine)

Juncus spiralis Unicorn plant

Solanum laciniatum Kangaroo apple

lavender English

Lavender hidcote

Lavender Spanish eyes

Lemon scented gum Corymbia citriodora. Flowers in winter to spring

Leptospermum Pink cascade

Leptospermum Lavender Queen. Flowers spring to summer

Leptospermum Woolly/Silky. Winter flowering

Leptospermum squarrosum. Autumn flowering

Leptospermum horizontalis Spring flowering

Lilly Pilly Acmena Smithii

Liriope Evergreen giant

Lomandra longifolia. Flowers spring to summer

Lomandra Dwarf form

Lonicera nitida Honey suckle Box oz

Melaleuca armallaris

Melaleuca decusatta Dwarf

Melaleuca hypericifolia

Mint Corsican

Myoporum Boobialla ground cover pink flowering 

Myoporum Boobialla ground cover white flowering

Persicaria microcephala Red Dragon

Pittosporum James stirling variegated

Privet Ligustrum undulatum


Sage Salvia officinalis

Seaside daisy

She oak Rose 

Sticky fast hedge

Strawberry edible fruit Temptation

Tree Lucerne Chamaecytisus proliferus. Tagasaste

Tussock grass (poa lab)

Unicorn plant Juncus effuses spiralis

Vietnamese Hot mint

Viburnum tinus

Wattle Acacia 

Westringia fruiticosa White fruiticosa. Flowers sporadically through out most of the year.

Westringia Morning light> Flowers most of the year

Westringia Smokie. Flowers most of the year 

Westringia white rambler ground cover. Flowers most of the year.

Westringia Wynyabbie gem. Flowers most of the year.


Exotic stock

African Daisy Osteospermum Passion mix

Agapanthus Blue or White in 75mm pots 

Ajuga purpurea 

Bay leaf 

Blue Fescue Grass

Bottle brush Dwarf Subulatus

Buddleia 4 types White, Salviafolia, Golden glow, Apricot cream.


Camellia in 50mm pots

We usually have 4-8 varieties in stock




Cordyline Redst

Cordyline Sundance

Cordyline Albertii


Daisy Blue marguerite Felicia

Daisy White marguerite Felicia

Day lily Arctic snow 

Dianthus Ideal sweet heart Sweetheart

Dwarf purple/red flax grass Uncinia uncinata firedance

English daisy Bellis perennis

Flax dwarf. We have a few varieties such as: Surfer boy, jack sprat, green dwarf or thumberlina 


Hydreangea 5 types 

Kangaroo paw tall Green boomer

Kangaroo Paw Regal claw 

Kangaroo Paw Bush dawn Yellow

Kangaroo Paw Royal Cheer Mixed with green/grey foliage

Lavender Hidcote 

Lemon Balm 

Lemon Eureka or lisbon ((Depends on which one we have ready at the time)

Lemon Grass 

Leucadendron Safari goldstrike

Lily Pink fairy floss 

Lime Tahitian

Lobellia (blue or purple)

Lomandra Dwarf conferta 



Pinus Pinea Edible Italian stone pine


Rose climbing orange/yellow in 100mm pots 

Sarcocca confusa Sweet box Christmas box 

Silk Tassel Garrya elliptica 

Stachys Lambs ears 

Tussock grass Poa lab (labillardierei) 

Vinca minor (2 color types) 

Viola hederacea Native violet