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Dutch Box Hedge

8 Dutch Box Plants Buxus sempervirens Suffruticosa

Dwarf Edging Box. The classical plant for small and low hedging, formal gardens, bonsai and topiary.

Hardy low and thick hedging that has glossy green oval foliage.


This variety of box hedging develops into tight compact plants.


Hedges at any height from 8cm onwards.


Can grow to a height of 100cm but can take up to 10 years to reach this height.


To grow in hotter areas it should be placed in aspects that receive no afternoon sun in summer.


Able to withstand full sun to fair shade for the rest of the year.


High Frost tolerance.


Develops tight foliage which makes it ideal for shaping.


Its leaves are slightly rounder than english box


To work out how many you will need you can use the following formula of planting them at a distance of 80% of what you want your hedges final height to be. EG:


If you want your hedge to reach 100cm tall then plant your plants at 80cm apart.


If you want your hedge to reach 50cm tall then plant your plants at 40cm apart.


This method allows you to create a tight hedge for the height you want.


We presently have thousands of English box available.


Bulk and/or special ebay listings to suit your needs can be created for you.


If you are looking for a fast growing hedge try one of the other varieties of hedge such as our Lilly Pillies (Acmena smithii), Honey suckle(Lonicera nitada) or Pittosporums (James stirling, Silver sheen or Green Pillar)


The new growth of this variety is a lime which darkens as it matures.This creates a beautiful contrast.


They can be trimmed regularly, are not prone to woodiness, have a root system that is not too aggressive,have dense foliage, thrives in most soil conditons, growing well in full sun to semi shade, and is long living.


They can be left to grow to their full height or easily maintained by regular pruning.


Also great for screening, bonsai, topairy, borders, containers/pots, multiple plantings etc.


Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' DUTCH BOX Buxaceae.