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Hebe Marie Antoinette  8 plants of Hebe Marie Antoinette Evergreen Veronica




























. Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.                   



Each plant will come in its own 50 by 80mm pot, will be 12 to 16cm tall, will have established roots and be ready to plant into your garden


The collage of pictures displayed above is of some of the other hebe varieties that we try to always have in stock on ebay .

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Hebe Marie Antoinette 
Evergreen Veronica


Hebe Marie Antoinette is a low maintenance, colorful garden shrub that requires minimal care once established.

Producing masses of delicate, multi colored blooms that are a gentle blend of crimson, pink and white, 

Evergreen perennials with  foliage that starts as burgundy/purple and then turns to dark green foliage with purple undersides.

This variety provides beauty all year round.


Expected mature height-50cm, width-75cm
Easy to grow

A hardy quite fast growing shrub that has spear shape dark green leaves and delicate lilac flower clusters for much of the year.
The flowers will fade to near white as the age.


Able to be trimmed and shaped

Frost resistant

Wind resistant

Hedges well.



Able to handle quite dry conditions when established

Handles mild coastal exposure

The collage of around this listing is to show some different aspects of Marie Antoinette Hebes when mature

Long Flowering from winter to spring.

Also great for scattered plantings, pots, borders, rockeries, tubs, garden beds, embankments, bonsai, rows, mass plantings, topiary, borders etc 

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