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Conifer Cypress Pine 20 Plant Mix Hedge Garden Bonsai Topiary

20 Conifer/Cypress/Pine Trees. 4 to 5 different varieties

This is our excess conifer stock pack

This plant pack will be made up of a totally random selection of 20 conifers.

If you want specific varieties please do a search on the word CONIFER in the search box above.


The plants you will receive will be in individual 50 by 80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden

Most conifer varieties will be 15cm tall, though we may include 1 or 2 dwarf varieties that may be be shorter


You will not be able to select the varieties that we include in this pack. It is totally random conifers from our current excess stock


The cultivation notes for all these varieties are very similar.

Conifers thrive in most soils as long as drainage is adequate. They are hardy and will grow well in full sun through to semi shade. They are able to withstand frosts, drought, wind, and heat. They are long living, with decades of growth and they can be left to grow to their full height and width or are easily contained by regular pruning.

Able to be grown in the ground or in pots.

Screen, Rockeries, Xeriscape, Hedge, Topiary, as bonsai or as single or multiple plantings


The unlimited possibilities and form of topiary


These conifers are excellent for rockeries, garden beds, cascading down garden walls, pots, containers etc.

They will grow in hot dry places, though you will have to look after them for the first year as they establish themselves


These conifers thrive in most soil conditons, growing well in full sun through to semi shade, is able to withstand frosts.


Long living, they can be left to grow to their full spread or easily contained by regular pruning.