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Hakea Pincushion

Hakea laurina Pincushion hakea (Works out at $2.99 per plant).

This would have to be one of the worlds most famous hakeas, with its yellow and red pom pom flowers.

Great for informal hedging, screening, wind breaks, scattered plantings, native gardens rockeries etc.


Extremely hardy Australian Native Plants


The 10 plants we will send you:

Will each be14-18cm tall and will each be in its own individual 40 by 80mm pots, will have established roots and be ready to plant into your garden


Quite frost and drought resistant once established.


They do not like to sit in waterlogged soil for to long as their native habitat is quite dry.


If the soil is to moist for to long in the area you want to plant them, you can fix this by adding 10 to 15cm top soil to the area and then plant them into this.


Fast growing


Bird attracting


Grows well in full sun to semi shade


Used as street trees, boundaries, hedging etc.


4-5 metres tall when established.


Flower from April until the end of August


Ornamental nuts produced usually in clusters on stems after the flower finishes


Fast growing.


Attract birds


They have a form that is unique, adding great depth and character to your garden.


Full sun to light shade.


Also works well in native settings or as borders, scattered plantings and windbreaks etc.