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Fruit Herbs Edible Plants


40 Herb and fruit plants. At least 14 varieties of Fruit and Herbs are included in this listing.

The great thing about the plants in this pack, is that they look great growing in your garden whilst also giving you produce for your house.


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All varieties of plants in this pack will be sent in their individual pots to ensure their roots stay healthy in transit. Most of them will come in 50 by 70mm pots, whilst some will be in the larger 75 by 100 pots. All will have established roots and will be ready to plant into you garden.


In this listing you will receive the following plant varieties and quantities.



5 plants from this list:

Nectarine tree


Olive tree

Fig tree

Pomegranate tree

Feijoa tree

9 plants from this list:

Lavender plant

Rosemary plant
Lemon Basil plant
Lemon verbena plant
Artichoke green globe plant

Pineapple sage plant

Spearmint plant

Vietnamese mint plant

Chocolate mint plant

Ginger mint plant

Apple mint plant 

Bay leaf tree


30 plants from this list:

Tomato plant

Strawberry plant

Chili plant

Thyme plant

Sage plant

Oregano plant

Lemon thyme plant

Chive plant

Parsley plant





Occasionally a variety will sell out before we have a chance to amend this listing. If this happens then we will add a variety that is similar in price instead.


All the varieties above are also available in bulk.


If you want a special selection or plant combination from the hundreds of varieties we sell on ebay, please let us know and we will set up a special listing on ebay for you and send you the link.




Or ring 0404850324


These plants have many herbal and/or culinary uses that have been recognised and recorded through out history.


Their multitoned, shaped and textures foliage is also a great feature or contrast in the garden.


Plants that look good but can also save you money


Lemon Trees


A great cropping variety that will usaully have some fruit all year round.

Medium sized tree to a height of approximately 3 metres tall.

Mainly winter cropping, with 1 or 2 small croppings in warmer coastal areas in spring and summer.

High juice and acid content.


This variety has an open growing structure, with the glossed maroon new growth that contrast well amongst the greens.


Sweetly scented white/cream blossoms.


Will grow well in both tubs and in the ground


They are an early fruiting plant and willl give you fruit well before Christmas.


You will recieve your first fruits at around the 3 year mark with an increase in production as they mature.


Frost hardy to around -3. In colder districts you will need to plant them close to buildings or under the north side of taller trees, to protect them form the colder frosts


Lime Tree

Pretty much the same as the lemons above except that they produce limes. :-)



Sage Plants (Salvia officinalis)

Presently 10 -15cm tall


An evergreen perennial that has grey green leaves.


Violet-blue flowers above the plant in summer.


Fast to grow


Widely used in the kitchen and as a herbal treatment, It is also recogized as a great plant to grow for foliage colour and texture as well as for its beautiful floral displays.

Grows to approximately 60-90cm tall.


Also make great ornamentals

Grows quite thick and can be cut back to regrow.





Known for its stronger flavour and vigorous growth, this variety is great for flavour and garinish.

Being high in iron and vitamin C sees it as a great addition to many salads, soups, stews etc.


Frost tolerant.


Parsley is a biennial, which means it lives for 2 growing seasons/years


Vietnamese Mint

Persicaria odorata syn. Polygonum odoratum

Also known as Hot mint, Vietnamese coriander, laksa Leaf, Cambodian mint and Hot lemon mint.


Presently 6-10cm tall




Native to south east east Asia.


An attractive addition to your garden.




Easy and fast to grow, this purple stemmed herb has medium green, lemony scented leaves that also have dark stripped markings on the leaves as they mature.


Pomegranate Tree

Punica granatum

A fantastic tree that is famous through history for both its fruit and herbal uses


These grow into a hardy medium sized tree that produce red fruit from beautiful red flowers.


Very hardy additions to your garden


Rosemary plants

Rosmarinus officinalis

A hardy dark green, fine leaved herbal shrub that has blue flowers


These plants have many herbal and culinary uses that have been recognised and recorded through out history.


They make a great tight scented low hedge as well.



Very Hardy once established.


They will grow from 0.8 to 1.2 metres high. Can be kept at a lower height


A popular aromatic herb that is hardy,

grows in frost prone and coastal areas,

handles dry regions when established.

It is also recognised as a hedging variety and is grown through out Australia.



Strawberry Plants

A hardy low growing plant that produces beautiful flowers that develop into the fruit that is popular around the world.


Marjoram and Oregano


Classic Italian Herbs


Low growing.


Medium frost resistance

Great ground covers with pink to mauve flowers




Hardy small leaved plants that have small pink flowers in profusion.


Also make great ground covers.





Presently12-16cm tall

Lavander is one of the worlds most recognised herbs.

It flowers, foliage and fragrance have made it popular.

Lavenders are hardy, frost resistant, drought tolerant once established, Quite fast to grow once established.

Many uses throughout your home.



(Allium Schoenoprasum)

Presently 10-15cm tall

3 Pots with many plants in each pot.


Chives are easy to grow and are perennial.

They are part of the plant family that includes onions, garlic, leeks, shallots etc.


Chives have a gentle onion flavour that enhance many dishes.

Its colour is also used to colour and garnish.


Frost hardy


In dry periods they will survive by letting their foliage die and forming bulbs that will regrow when watered again.


Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis


Perennial low spreading plant


Presently 12-15cm tall


This variety is known for its wide herbal, medicinal, culinary and insecticidal properties.


They have a beautiful lemon scent as well as white nectar laden flowers in summer.


Grows in full sun to partial shade.

In dry regions, protct from the afternoon sun.


Grows to approximately 50cm tall


Great mosquito repellent


Prefer a moist well drained soil.


All these fruit and herb plants have great culinary and/or herbal uses as well as adding colour, contrast and growth to your garden.