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7 Mixed Kangaroo paw Plants Anigozanthos 3 Types Paw Native Garden Grass

Australian native plants that are hardy and quite fast once established

As can be seen, their flowers resemble kangaroo paws


They are a hardy species with many leaf and flower forms/ colours

The plants you will receive will be in 50 by 80mm pots, will have etablished roots, will be 14 to 20cm tall (Dwarf varieties will be6 to 10cm tall) and will be ready to plant into your garden 


Kangaroo paws do not like to much watering.


Underground rhizomes store water and nutrients. This allows them tolerate long perionds of dry, and is why it is recognised for its drought tolerance


Native to Western Australia


Will tolerate some humidity but not really suited for the tropics


We usually have at least 4-5 varieties of kangaroo paws in stock.


The colors we normally have on a regular basis are:




Mixed colors


And usually at least one variety that is a mixture of the above.


This listing is for a random mix of 3 types of kangaroo paws


If you want a specific selection of kangaroo paws, please email us before purchasing this listing to confirm varieties that are available as we sell a huge amount of plants and stock moves quickly.


Below is details of some of the varieties we often have in stock


Regal Claw Kangaroo Paw.


A cross between Anigozanthos. preissii and A.flavidus, this variety will grow leaves approximatly 25cm long with flower clusters of up to 40cm on stems that will rise up to 2.5 metres in height.


They are hardy and will give you the best flowers when grown in a sunny position.

Water them regularly for optimum growth



Green Boomer

Anigozanthos flavidus

Tall Green Flowering Kangaroo Paws. These ones are presently 14-17cm tall.

The plants mature at around 40cm tall whilst the flower-stalks can grow to 2 m tall on the tall green variety



Bush Ranger

A red form that reaches 30-40cm tall


Bush Dawn or Haze

A yellow flowering variety that reaches around 30-40cm in height.



Royal cheer

Anigozanthos manglesii

A dwarf red and green flowering variety that reaches around 30-40cm in height.




Anigozanthos flavidus

A red and green flowering variety


Green Machine

Shorter form with red and green flowers



Dwarf form with red and green flowers


We normally other varieties available as well.


If you need a specific variety, please email us and we let you know which varieties we actually currently have in stock.

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