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15 Seaside Daisies Groundcover Profusion Erigeron Daisy Tuf Garden Plant Flower



























 Sorry that this deal is not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory 



The pictures around this listing are a good indication of what these plants look like in gardens around the world as they mature.

The plants you will you recieve in this listing will be in 40 by 80mm pots or in 50mm by 00mm pots. Will have multiple plants per pot, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.



Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron Profusion

Perennials that are hardy low growing groundcover/shrubs that flowers profusely nearly all year round except for 2 months in winter.


Flowers open as pink and slowly fade to white as they mature.

30 Plants will grow into 15 metres of flowering borders

Frost, wind and heat resistant.


Great for rockeries, borders, scattered plantings, mass plantings, uneven ground, embankments etc.  


As its name suggests, this variety will also grow well in coastal areas or near salt swimming pools.

Very hardy once established.

Plant 40 cm apart to create borders that connect. Further apart if you want spacing.

They will also cascade down walls, over rocks, pots etc.

Also known as a Mosquito repellant.


A hardy ground covering variety that grows in full sun to quite shaded.

Will spread to approx 50 centimetres in 1-2 years and grow to 30cm high.

Can be trimmed back hard.

Long living, they can be left to grow to their full spread or easily contained by regular pruning.



Nursery Pickup also available

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