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Tree Lucerne Tagasaste

10 Plants Tree lucerne Tagasaste Plants. Chamaecytisus palmensis. Hardy Animal food plants/tall shrubs/small trees that have many uses.

Tree Lucernes are grown throughout the world for landscaping, garden plantings, animal fodder, windbreak, feature, hedge, border, shelter and ornamentals

A hardy variety with its semi weeping foliage and profusion of white flowers in spring.


Being legumous it fixes nitrogen in to your soil, thereby helping to feed itself.


Frost hardy legumes.


Plant Family: fabaceae.


It has a deep penetrating root system that allows it to access moisture and nutrients lost to many other species. This allows it to grow and survive


when other species would shut down, go dormant or die.


Used by many farmers in many countries to feed stock, especially because it is green fodder at the time of year when there is usually only dry food.


Please do your own research though as to this varieties suitability for your livestock as I cannot assume any responsibility for the purposes you want to use these plants for.

I cannot be responsible if you feed it to your five million dollar Uzbekistanian, one of a kind emu, and it stops giving milk


Grows up to approx 5 metres high and 5 metres wide. Can be cut back hard regularly.


Drought and frost resistant


Can tolerate salt to some extent


Very Hardy and fast growing.


Attracts birds and butterflies


Full sun to light shade.


It will also grow in frost prone and coastal areas. Protect young plants from frost though.


It handles dry regions when established.


It will grow in most soil types.


Its high digestibility and protein yields with the resulting weight conversions are utilized by livestock owners around the world.