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5 Ornamental Giant Rhubarb. Large Leaved Leaf Foliage Plants Gunnera manicata brasiliensis

You will receive 5 Ornamental Rhubarb Plants Gunnera manicata plants in individual 50 by 70mm pots with established roots. They will be ready to plant into your garden.


Syn. Gunnera brasiliensis

Commonly called: Giant rhubarb or Ornamental Rhubarb


Magnificent large foliaged plants that need alot of room to grow, but make a dynamic statement.


The underside of the leaf and the whole stalk have spikes on them. The leaves of Gunnera grow to an impressive size. Leaves with diameters well in excess of four feet (120cm) are commonplace, with a spread of 10 feet by 10 feet (3 metres) on a mature plant.

To optimze growth feed well. 


Can also be grow in large pots.


This plant grows best in damp conditions eg by the side of garden ponds, but dislikes winter cold and wet. Cover the plant with its own dead foliage to protect the crown in winter.


They are a native of Brazil, an ornamental plant in the Gunneraceae family


Despite the common name, this plant is not edible. Quoted from Wikipedia


They will loose their leaves in winter in the cold areas of Australia but the crowns will survive frost up to minus 10 (Even colder if protected with a thick layer of mulch through winter). Spring will see amazingly fast growth.


Keep well fed during the growing seasons.


The picture above demonstrates the vibrant colour and foliage structures of this plant.

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