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Boronia megastigma

8 Plants of Brown Boronia megastigma. Australian Native Plants .

Hardy perennial shrubs that have prolific highly citrus scented flowers in spring. Don Burke classes them as one of the world best perfumed flowers. They are closely related to the citrus family of plants (rutaceae) which are known for there floral perfumes.


The plants you will receive in this purshase will be 9 -15cm tall, they will be multi branched, they will be in individual 50 by 70mm pots, they will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden

Flowers will have purple on the outside and yellow on the inside and are also used in the cut flower industry.


These plants grow to less than a metre tall


This variety can often be short lived due to being kept to moist. Please allow the soil to dry out alot between watering.


They prefer dappled light and do not like humidity.


If growing these in the hotter parts of Australia you will need to plant them out of the afternoon sun and grow them in a cool place in your garden


They originate from the south west of Australia that is a well drained and a bit cooler than inland.


It is best to try and copy these conditions.


A popular hardy Australian Native that can be left to itself or they can be trimmed and trained into shape after flowering.


This variety makes a great native shrub, border or low screening plant and is used for a wide range of uses


The pictures around this listing are an indication of what these plants can grow grow into.


Frost resistant


Attracts birds


Magnificent long flowering display


Also beautiful in flower arrangements.