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Strawberry Plants

You will receive 15 STRAWBERRY Plants Fragaria x ananassa Temptation

They are a long and prolific fruiting variety that will continue cropping in Autumn

They will continue fruiting until the first frosts of Autumn.


Frost hardy


The 15 strawberry plants you are buying will each be in its own individual 50 by 80mm pot or 40 by 87mm pot, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.


These 15 plants will make a great strawberry patch, or you can grow them in pots or hanging baskets.


Also makes colorful groundcovers.


The deep green of the serrated foliage contrasts and highlights the red of the fruit and the yellow centred soft petals of the white flowers.


"How to grow strawberries"


Plant them in a warm sunny position.


Ensure that the soil is well prepared, dug deeply, with a good amount of well rotted compost and/or manure.


Plant them and then use a good layer of mulch to help conserve water.


Feed and water regularly to encourage prolific cropping.


Feed regularly to encourage better and bigger fruiting


Great for childrens gardens as well.


Beautifully ridged serrated leaves that are lime green when young and then maturing to deep green.


People often grow this variety for its foliage structures as well.


They make great specimens interplanted through gardens as well as growing well in large pots or even cascading in hanging pots or raised gardens.


Will grow in full sun to semi shade.


Will grow also grow in quite shaded positions, but this reduces fruiting.