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Too Flamin Right Mate.
Buyin 2 gets 1 Free.

Our Latest Subscriber Only Sale


I will send you the code within 24 hours of subscribing

The biga the
hole da betta!

2 duble the
growth n suvival
rhate of ya plants its
worth diggin a hole at
leest 40cm deep n wyde.
Den chuck in some wel
rottd compost in wat ya
dug owt n mix it up,
chuck it all back
in the whole,
plant ya plant n of it goz.
They luv it coz the rootz
got soft soyl 2 gro thru
n get dem roots down
deep n fast wear
da warta n tucker iz.

Me secsitary red dis
emale n sez me
gramma is soooo bad.
I dont tink so coz
gramma was framed n
getz owt next week :- )

Tanks for reedin this
wheeks Plantz Tipz.

I betta go takz 
me meds.



For every 2 plants packs
you buy via online
you can then pick any
other plants pack to the
value of $30 for free.

Sale runs Tuesday the
19th to Sunday 24th of
September 2017

Plants must be purchased
& paid for within these
dates to qualify for this offer
No exceptions.

Online Sale is Not valid
for purchases made
through our walk in retail sector.

See below for further
 terms & Conditions.

Feel free to come to buy
direct from our nursery at:

Plantinspirations Nursery.
2c Holts Lane
Bacchus Marsh 3340.

Open to the public
7 days per week.

Sun 10am-3pm 
Sat 9am-3pm
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm


Open Public Holidays

except for Easter Sunday
& Christmas Day.


Plants Pack of the Week.



8 x Manuka Tea Tree 

Hardy Native Plants
 Leptospermum scoparium 

for $30.00 

Great flowering screening,
border & hedging plants.

The honey bees produce
from the nectar & pollen of
these native plants has
great proven medicinal qualities.

The Apiarists Dream Plants

Fast & Easy to Grow

Grows to approx 
2 to 3 metres tall. 

Can be kept lower
by taking out the new growth
tips every 6 months.

Great for screening,
rockeries, containers, borders,
tubs, native hedges,
mass combination
scattered plantings,


For every 2 Plants Packs
that you buy online from
the 100's of varieties that
 we have in our online store at

you can then select any packs
up to the same value for FREE.

 This sale is only available
to our email subscribers.
If you have been
forwarded this email,
you can subscribe

via this link:
or via 

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Please email or contact us at

if you have questions
about the terms & conditions
of our current sale.


After you have purchased your original Packs you need to email us to let us know your bonus pack/s selection ASAP otherwise we will send you the same pack/s as per the original packs that you ordered.


If you end up purchasing a pack that has sold out and we have not had a chance to remove it from our website we will contact you and work out what you would like to do next EG: Refund, exchange or similar.

This sale only applies to the plants listed on our website. Mostly they are in 40mm wide by 80mm deep pots or the 50mm wide by 80mm deep pots(Tubestock).
They will have established roots, will be a good size for their pots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Our flat rate delivery cost of $13.95 regardless of how many plants you buy still applies.

We can also send your order to multiple addresses so if you want one pack for yourself or a friend and one to be sent as a present to someone else, please just pay another $13.95 for every extra address you want delivery made to and then email what packs/plants you want sent to which addresses.

Sadly due to staff constraints, this sale is only valid for online purchases.

If you would like to purchase online and then pick up your order from our nursery (at 2c Holts Lane Bacchus Marsh Vic 3340) then please allow us 2 days to organize staff to pick your order.
Also let staff know via email or phone what day you are picking up your order so that we can pick it and have it put aside for you.


This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. This offer is not redeemable for Caash.

This is not a discount off the price of your purchase offer.

Our mailing address is: Plantinspirations Pty Ltd 2c Holts Lane P.O. Box 1030 Bacchus Marsh, Vic 3340 Australia

Our telephone: 0404850324