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  • Creeping Berry Saltbush 1 Atriplex semibaccata Native Plants

Creeping Berry Saltbush 1 Atriplex semibaccata Native Plants

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Berry Creeping Saltbush Atriplex semibaccata Hardy Plants Shrubs

Great prostrate animal fodder/bush tucker plants with silver foliage for those hard to grow dry areas.

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 Off per plant.

You will receive 1 plant of

Creeping Saltbush Atriplex semibaccata groundcover plants

One of our hardiest groundcover varieties.

Produce edible red/orange bush tucker berries.

The picture in this listing is of Old Man Saltbush which we also usually stock.
I am trying to find a copyright free image to use.
If you have one, please can you send it to me as they are rare.

Used by many farmers to utilise low-yielding land and/or to have animal fodder production during dry seasons.
Foriaged by cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, etc.

Please do your own research on this saltbush stock fodder suitability for the animals you want to feed it to.
I will not be held liable if you feed it to your one of kind egg-laying Llamas, or milk producing emu, or normal ruminant or similar and it/they keels over and die :-)

Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania

The plants you will receive will be 10-20cm tall, will be in individual 40mm x 80mm hyco pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Able to adapt to nearly all of the climate and location extremes of Australia apart from the tropics.

Works/looks best in gardens if trimmed back once a year in Spring.
Or of you have the space…
Just let them go.

A tough border or hedging variety.

Drought, frost, wind, salt and heat tolerant (protect young plants from hard frost).

Will grow in coastal areas.

Extremely deep rooting plants and genetic systems that allows them to thrive when most other plants fail.

They can access and retain moisture and nutrients lost to many species.

Handles wet feet over prolonged periods.

It recovers quickly from grazing (don't overgraze).

Can live on brackish or higher salted bore water.

Tolerates high salt content as it uptakes the salt and stores it in special leaf cells.

Grown throughout the world for landscaping, fodder, windbreaks, feature/standard/ornamental plantings, hedges, borders and shelter.

Full sun to light shade.

Grey/Silver evergreen foliage.

Height: approx to 30cm

Width 1-3 metres

We work hard to try and ensure our notes on the variety/varieties listed are true and correct, but do not accept any responsibility for errors or misinformation that may have occurred either by my staff or me.  

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