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  • Buddleia Snow White Profusion x 1 Butterfly Bush Shrubs Scented Flowering Buddleja davidii Garden Plants Flowers

Buddleia Snow White Profusion x 1 Butterfly Bush Shrubs Scented Flowering Buddleja davidii Garden Plants Flowers

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 Buddleia Snow White Profusion x 1 Plants Butterfly Bush Shrubs Scented Flowering Buddleja davidii Garden Flowers

*If you buy 5 or more, you will receive 50c off per plant!*

Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia

Hardy Buddleia davidii White. Beautifully Scented Buddleia snow white flowers in profusion. Exotic Butterfly Bush Shrubs Buddleja davidii. Great Garden Plants.

The picture collage in this listing is to give you a good indication of flower colours, plant structures and foliage hues of this variety in different gardens when mature. 
Each plant will be delivered in its own pot, will be 15 to 25cm tall, will be multi branched, will have established roots and will be ready to plant out into your garden. 
1 Plants of
White Buddleia
Snow White Buddliea
White Profusion Buddliea
Buddleia davidii 
Buddleja davidii 
Scented White Butterfly bush clusters
These Buddleja are fast growing perennial plants that can be allowed to mature into a tall shrub or you can cut them back regularly after flowering to encourage screening and denser growth as well as to maintain them at a height that suits you.
Long flowering from Summer to Autumn. 
 A profusion of vivid white flowers that are produced on elegant trusses, producing soft sweet perfumes. 
Called Butterfly Bushes due to their huge attraction to butterflies. 
Will grow to approximately 3 metres tall if left untrimmed. 
Vivid and beautifully scented flowers.  
We often have other buddleia varieties available.
Finely downed and serrated foliage that are quite dark green and have a light underside as an attractive contrast. 
Great as mixed borders, hedging, privacy screens, scattered plantings, topiary, standards, features, pots and containers.  
Very frost resistant to minus 10. 
 Able to grow in full sun to semi shaded positions. 
 For better growth you can protect them from summers hot afternoon sun.

Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania

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