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  • Kangaroo Paw Dwarf Red 1 Anigozanthos flavidus Native Plants Grass

Kangaroo Paw Dwarf Red 1 Anigozanthos flavidus Native Plants Grass

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Kangaroo Paw Big Red Anigozanthos flavidus rufus Grass Plant

We have not been able to find copyright free pictures of this variety, so I have used very similar pictures of seed grown Anigozanthus flavidus red. The 'Big Red' form is a hybrid cross between Anigozanthos flavidus and Anigozanthos rufus. 

Big Red Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos flavidus x rufus plants

Family: Haemodoraceae

Sorry, we cannot send to Western Australia, Tasmania & Northern Territory

Each plant will be 10-20cm tall, be in its own individual 40mm by 80mm pot, will have established roots and will be ready to plant straight out into the garden.

Eye-catching hardy plants native to southern Western Australia.

Plant/Cultivation Notes Anigozanthos flavidus Red plants.

Long living.

Drought tolerant.

Underground rhizomes store water and nutrients for the hard times.

They tolerate long periods of dry.

Do not like too much watering.

Tolerate light frost.

Excellent cut flowers.

Bird attracting.

Mass plantings of different varieties of Kangaroo Paw make magnificent floral displays. 

Full sun to part shade.

Will give the best flowers when grown in sunny positions.

Well-drained soil.
Plant on mounded soil if drainage is poor.

Grow in well-ventilated positions in humid areas. 

Mid to deep green strappy leaves approx 30-45cm long.

Evergreen perennial native grasses.

Deep red velvet-like flowers in clusters of up to 40cm on stems that rise up to 2 metres above the foliage in Spring and Summer.

We work hard ensuring our plant descriptions and notes are as accurate as possible. Please let us know if you find errors or have information that will improve them.

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