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  • Black Stallion x 1 Dark Hedging Plants Lophomyrtus x ralphii Shrub Hedge Garden Screen Border Hardy Shrubs Rockery

Black Stallion x 1 Dark Hedging Plants Lophomyrtus x ralphii Shrub Hedge Garden Screen Border Hardy Shrubs Rockery

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Beautifully dark gloss leaved hedging shrubs. Lophomyrtus x ralphii border rockery plants.

The plants you will recieve in this listing will be 14 to 20cm tall. They will be in individual 50 by 70mm pots. They will be multi branched and have established roots and they will be ready to plant into garden 
 Black Stallion Plants 
 Lophomyrtus x ralphii
 This stunning dark leaved variety make great fast, low to medium sized hedging. 
The deep red/purple foliage adds dark gardening contrasts. 
They can be grown as a short hedge of 20cm if you want  or you can let them grow up to around 1.5 metres tall. 
 Compact medium shrub,  
 Moderate growth rate. 
Tolerates light frost and coastal conditions 
Low water requirements once established 
 Native to New Zealand 
 Full sun – part shade  
New growth starts as red and then mature to the dark near black tones that they are famous for.
  White flower clusters in spring 
 Very hardy  
Apart from the obvious hedging, topiary, bonsai and privacy screening uses, it is also attractive as background, border plant, pot plants etc.  
The new growth is fine and very easy to trim. T
he frosts of winter deepen the purple hue of its foliage 
 They will create a: 
 45cm border in around 12 months. 
75cm high border in around 20 months. 
 100-120cm border in around 30 months
 For hedging the following rule works quite well.
Plant your plants 20% closer than what you want the final height of your hedge to be. 
 Eg: For a 100cm hedge plant them 80cm apart  
For a 50cm hedge plant them 40cm apart 
For a 25 cm hedge plant them 20cm apart 
For hedges over 1 metre tall I suggest that you plant them 80cm  apart as this closer planting will ensure a tighter hedge from top to bottom.



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Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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