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  • 30 Cottage Garden Plants 5 Types Random Mixed Shrubs Potted Flowering Color groundcover flowers border pots Mixed Pack

30 Cottage Garden Plants 5 Types Random Mixed Shrubs Potted Flowering Color groundcover flowers border pots Mixed Pack

  • Product Code: cottage-garden-plants-random-20
  • Availability: 7778
  • $50.00

  • 5 or more $49.45

Enter Code 40%OffMate at cart checkout to get these 30 plants for $30
A mix of Colorful flowering cottage garden plants in Pots 30 Plants of 5 Types Random Mix Shrubs Cottage Garden Plants at $1.00 each

This listing will buy you 30 Cottage Garden Plants for $30.00

The plants you will receive in this listing will be in individual 50mm by 70mm pots or 40mm by 80mmpots. 
They will have established roots, will be a good size and will beready to plant into your garden  

The collage of pictures around this listing is of some of the varieties that we often use for these packs but is for display purposes only and is not an indication of the varieties that you will receive.

We will be sending a random mix of varieties that we currently have ready  

You will receive at least 5 varieties of cottage garden plants

You will receive a RANDOM mix of the cottage garden plants that we have in stock.


If you want specific varieties you can buy them at normal prices from our online store.

This is complete luck of the draw 30 plant pack from what we have as excess stock.

will be healthy and ready to plant into your garden. 

It is totally luck of the draw.

Totally random Pleasedo not buy this listing if you have specific plant variety needs or expectations.

It is a totally RANDOM pack.

They will be healthy, established and ready to plant into your garden.

I think that I may have forgotten to mention that the Cottage garden plants selection you will receive through this listing will be totally random :-)

Plant pick-up also available

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Please visit our Contact Details page for pick-up times if you would prefer to pick up your order in person.

We work hard ensuring our plant descriptions and notes are as accurate as possible, but accept no responsibility for errors.

Please let us know if you find errors or have information that will improve our descriptions.

Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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