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  • Fuchsia Deltas Groom x 1 Shade Plants Garden Hanging basket Purple Pink Red Flowers Delta's Fuschia

Fuchsia Deltas Groom x 1 Shade Plants Garden Hanging basket Purple Pink Red Flowers Delta's Fuschia

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Pretty Pink and purple long flowering upright bushy fuschia shrubs for the shadier spaces in your Garden.
Fuchsia Delta's Groom are great direct in your garden or as pot plants, hanging baskets, borders, patios, balconies etc.

Delta's Groom Fuchsia
Fuchsia Deltas Groom Plants

This variety is characterised by prolific cascades of flowers with purple centres that darken with age (corollas) and vivid pink edging (sepals).

Flowering late Spring, through Summer and well into Autumn.

Fast growing.

Each plant will be in its own individual 70mm by 100mm pot and will have established roots and will be ready to plant straight into your garden or larger pots if you prefer.

This variety is a more upright growing form.
Grow to around 40cm tall and 50cm wide.

We often also have the trailing/cascading forms in stock as well.

Easy to trim to keep them lower and can also be pruned back quite hard.

Can be grown as standards, topiary, hanging pots, low hedges, bonsai mass plantings, borders etc.

You can grow them in pots, trim them to cascade or let them run to fill your garden with pockets of color.

Shade to semi shade.
They do not like full afternoon sun in the hot months of the year. 

They will need to be protected from bad frosts.

I grow mine against my house so that the heat coming off the house helps dispel the frosts.

Will also grow indoors in a well lit position.

Often mispelled as Fuschia plants


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