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  • Lupine Tall Pastel Mix x 1 Flowering Wildflower Cottage Garden Plants Lupinus polyphyllus Border Container Pots Wild Flower lupin

Lupine Tall Pastel Mix x 1 Flowering Wildflower Cottage Garden Plants Lupinus polyphyllus Border Container Pots Wild Flower lupin

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Tall Stemmed Soft Pastel Flowering lupins are pretty and long blooming perennial plants. Producing magnificent bright flower spikes that are framed by the vivid green foliage. Wildflower Lupinus polyphyllus .

This will be totally random selection of Russell Lupine plant/s in 50mm by 70mm or 40mm by 80mm Pots.
They will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden
They will be 10 to 15cm tall  

Tall Pastel Lupine Hybrids
Lupinus polyphyllus

You will not be able to select the colors that we include in this pack as we buy them in bulk as mixed hybrids, which means we have no way of knowing flower colors until they bloom.

Pastel Lupines come in a rainbow of soft colors as their genetic history has access to all three primary colors of Red, Blue and Yellow. This gives them the ability to produce nearly every hue including bicolor/dual color forms.

The plants will grow to an approximate height of 50 to 70cm with about one third of this being the flower stems.

Vigorous and hardy with an approximate spread of 30 to 40cm wide

The collage of pictures is a indication of some of the colors that these plants can produce.

Long lasting as cut flowers

Great for attracting birds and butterflies

They are quite hardy and will grow well in full sun through to semi shade.

In Australia they produce better floral displays if kept out of the hot afternoon sun in summer

Able to be grown in the ground or in pots.    

Good frost resistance as the originate from mountains in British Columbia.

Lupines are part of the legumes family of plants such as peas and beans. Being legumous means that they are nitrogen fixing plants that via their roots have the abilty through symbiotic relationships with micro organisms to take nitrogen from the air and convert it into a form that makes it available to the plants.
Nitrogen Fix Fixing Legumous Flowering Plants.

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Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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