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  • Lily of the Nile Christmas Cheer Plants Red Pieris japonica

Lily of the Nile Christmas Cheer Plants Red Pieris japonica

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1 Plants Pieris japonica Lily of the Nile Christmas Cheer Red

Makes great feature plants and versatile screening.

A beautiful evergreen shrub that has bronzed to red new growth that matures to a deep glossed green.

You will receive 1 plants of:

Lily of the Nile Christmas Cheer
Pieris japonica Red flowering plants Shrubs.

The plants you will receive in this listing will be 12-18cm tall, will come in individual 50mm x 70mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Cultivation Notes Pieris japonica Winter Cheer.

Late Winter to Spring time sees masses of red tipped icy pink bell/urn shaped, scented flowers in bracks that hang in clusters approximately 15cm long.

Can be hedged in at any height between 50cm to 3 metres.

May grow to 3.5 metres if left untrimmed.
Will grow back when pruned hard.

A medium growth speed of around 30-40cm per year.

Frost resistant once established.

Will attract birds and butterflies into your garden.

Prunes well and can be hedged or formed into your desired shape.

Also works well when trained as a standard.

Great for growing along paths for their scent and colour.

Will thrive in most soil conditions.

Will grow well in full sun to semi-shade.

Sold by many nurseries and given many names to show its versatilty, these plants have established themselves as being a great hedging plant.

They can be trimmed regularly, are not prone to woodiness, and are long living.

Also simple to grow as a screen, hedge, topiary, streetscape or as a single or multiple planting.

We work hard ensuring our plant descriptions and notes are as accurate as possible, but accept no responsibility for errors. Please let us know if you find errors or have information that will improve our descriptions.

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