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  • Japanese Maple Trees x 4 Acer palmatum Red Autumn Ornamental Foliage Bonsai Plants Deciduous Leaves leaf Shade Garden

Japanese Maple Trees x 4 Acer palmatum Red Autumn Ornamental Foliage Bonsai Plants Deciduous Leaves leaf Shade Garden

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Japanese Maples Trees x 4have Wonderfully unique foliage structures & colors, especially in Autumn where their leaves develop a beautiful blaze of hues.

4 Trees
Japanese Maple Acer palmatum

Smooth Japanese Maple

The plants you will receive in this listing will be in individual 40 or 50 by 70mm pots.
They will be 14 to 20cm tall, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your Gardens.

These are a popular and great ornamental small tree, that is grown in many gardens around the world.  

It has unique foliage structures and colours, especially in Autumn where it develops a beautiful blaze of leaf colours.

You will find that their leaves are normally greens in the growing season and then change to reds and oranges in late autumn.  

These leaves are fine textured, usually red or green with 5 to 7 points.

They are a deciduous variety that will see their leaves change colour in autumn and then drop as the winter colds settles in.  

Grows approximately 5 metres high by 4 metres wide.

The multiple trunks can give a sculptured affect.  

Frost Tolerant  

Is able to grow in a wide range of soils  

These trees prefer a cooler part of the garden that is protected from the hot afternoon Australian summer sun.  

Whether grown in a court yard or in wide open gardens, these plants add colour and depth.  

Also makes great container specimens  

Bonsai too!!  

Deer tolerant  

A great compact tree.

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