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  • Sheoak Black x 5 Allocasuarina littoralis Native Trees Pines Plants Shrubs Weeping Flowering Bird Attracting Hardy Drought Frost Salt tolerant

Sheoak Black x 5 Allocasuarina littoralis Native Trees Pines Plants Shrubs Weeping Flowering Bird Attracting Hardy Drought Frost Salt tolerant

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Hardy weeping bird native attracting Trees 5 x Black She-oak plants allocasuarina littoralis casuarina sheoak

The plants you will receive for this listing will be 14-20cm tall. 
Each plant will be in its own 40 by 80mm pot, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden
Black She-oak
Australian Native Plants Trees
Allocasuarina littoralis
casurina littoralis
Also known as Australian Pines.
Black Sheoaks are a hardy evergreen variety that have developed long, thin & attractively segmented
water saving foliage structures.
The fine long foliage is semi pendulous, forming attractive and extremely hardy trees
Average 5-8 metres in growth height.
Can grow taller
Also used by councils by many councils as street trees because of there resilience and ability to out survive many other varieties.
We also have other types of She Oak plants on ebay.
Heat and Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping
Frost resistant
Wind resistant
Can handle long periods of dry once established.
They have the ability to fix their own nitrogen which enables them to grow in quite poor soils.
Because of their prolific root structures, they can be used to help in erosion control
Their hardwood, with its rich grain and textures is useful in many ways. Called she-oaks due their similarity to the English oak in wood structures.
Great for attracting native birds such as the yellow tailed black cockatoo.
Dark grey fissured bark.
The trees are dioecious, having distinct male and female flowers. The male plants form of flowers are orange, whilst the female are red.
Causurina she-oaks have a good salt tolerance and are also good for coastal plantings
Also do well inland
Will grow in full sun to light shade

Flowers in Autumn to winter

Family: Casuarinaceae. 
Great Australian Native Trees for house, garden, farms, borders, rows, hedges, screens, bonsai, etc

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Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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