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  • Coral Drift WoollyBush x 1 Soft foliage Semi groundcover Adenanthos cuneatus Pink leaved Wooly Woolly Flame Bush Hardy Native Plants Shrubs Hedge Hedging

Coral Drift WoollyBush x 1 Soft foliage Semi groundcover Adenanthos cuneatus Pink leaved Wooly Woolly Flame Bush Hardy Native Plants Shrubs Hedge Hedging

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  • 5 or more $4.45

You will receive 1 plants of ground covering Woolly Flame Bush. Soft silk/wool like foliage of Adenanthos Coral Drift cuneatus. Hardy semi groundcover native garden shrubs


If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia

The plants you will receive in this listing will be 8-15cm tall, will be multi branched, will come in individual 40x80mm or 50x70mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.  

Coral Drift WoollyBush
Woolly Bush
Flame Bush
Adenanthos cuneatus Coral Drift
Australian Native Indigenous Plants

Also known as Coastal Jugflower, Bridal Bush, Sweat Bush


Hardy Native semi ground cover plants for your Garden.

Great  low hedging, sceening or border shrubs. 

Very popular soft foliaged Australian native plants that will grow to approximately 90cm tall and 120cm wide.

Can be kept lower by giving a light prune off the taller uprights to encourage sideways growth.

A great and unique soft foliaged hedge...
Hence the name Wooly Bush

A hardy shrub that is popular due to its soft silky foliage that starts off with pinks and soft greens when young, which then mature to the soft light to mid greens

It is a well formed shrub when left to grow by itself or it can be trimmed to make a great native hedge.

Has a great wind and salt tolerance
(Good for coastal plantings)

A mild frost tolerance to minus 3

The flowers are red, pretty but small.

What makes this plant a best seller is its soft green/grey foliage.
Velvety and smooth leaves that have a texture which really lives up to its name of Wooly bush 

Needs a well drained position.

Does not like high phosphorous fetilizers, so please use native plant fertilizers or blood and bone.

Will also grow in quite sandy soils.

A very hardy plant that can pretty much look after themselves once established.

Originally from west Western Australia, this variety has found itself popular to garden enthusiasts around the world.

Full Sun to partial shade


Great for xeriscaping (low water gardening).

Once established this variety will handle long periods without rain but it will also grow well in quite wet conditions as long as drainage is good. 

Great border, native gardens, driveways, or containers, edging, farms etc.

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Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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