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Australian Native Plants Nursery Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

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Here is our current sale

Our Business is relaunched Sale

We are back.
But in a much smaller way.
 We have relocated to Croydon and are rebuilding our nursery

Sadly On Sunday night January the 12th 2020 our Nursery went broke and had to shut down due to the affects of Droughts and bush fires.

I need to get a paid job to pay of debt but will slowly rebuild.

I am furiously propagating succulents to create new plants to sell.

We are mainly only selling succulents and very hardy plants at the moment.

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Here is a link to the email I sent explaining what happened to my subscribers just before closing down.


To all past customers...
Thank you so much for being loyal over the past 15 years.

Thank you also to everyone for the great emails and support as I had to walk away from 15 years of work.

These sales are on for my email Subscribers 

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Flat delivery fee of $15.95 within Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.


*Sorry, we are unable to deliver to the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.


Plant Order Pick up is available from Croydon
but it is by appointment only.

Until we went bust, Whether you want to buy single plants or buy them by the 1000's, Plantinspirations Online Nursery supplied hundreds of varieties of indoor & outdoor garden plants. 
We are starting again from scratch.

Australian native plants, hedging plants, trees, flowering shrubs, herbs, cottage garden, hardy succulents, cacti, groundcover plants, screening,  grasses, hanging basket, & more.