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About Us

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The foundation of Plantinspirations Online Garden Plants Nursery is based on 15 years of experience in plant and nursery retail.

With an online retail outlet and retail nursery in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia, we attract customers from within Melbourne, around Victoria and interstate. The convenience of online selection and buying, complemented by helpful over the phone and email advice make for a most enjoyable experience time and again. And of course, we welcome our local customers and those who are in town to stop by and browse our nursery.

Our team of 10 nursery retail staff members are always on hand whether via phone, email or in person to answer your questions and provide suggestions on what type of plants to buy that will suit your home, rural area, farm or commercial environment best.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with cultivating plants and I haven’t stopped. To me, their myriad varieties, functions and what they produce never fail to fascinate; and they are vital to the balance in our environment. Beyond that, they are simply a wondrous source of beauty that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. Plants and flowers have been proven to have a positive effect on mental and emotional well being of those who are surrounded by them.

Drawing on the positive effects nature can have, I’ve been inspired to make a difference in the lives of my team that work with me at Plantinspirations.

Alongside working on my passion for plants, the other important reason why I established Plantinspirationswas so I had a way to give back to the community. Plantinspirations is staffed by a combination of family members, friends and some people who would normally struggle to obtain mainstream employment, for various reasons. We also welcome volunteers who share our interests and vision for helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.


-Heico Weidl
Plantinspirations Online Garden Plant Nursery

Our Vision

The Plantinspirations team continuously strives to use our resources to bring healing, growth and positive change into the lives of as many people as we can.

How We Work

Sharing our knowledge amongst our team so we can help each other, and those we encounter to heal and grow. We aim to provide the best nursery and plant retail experience we can to customers so they can get the most enjoyment out of their own nurseries at home or anywhere they need.

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