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Before you buy garden plants of any kind, it is worth considering these factors:

Climate - Temperatures and weather conditions, in general, vary around Australia. What is best grown in arid conditions in tropical Queensland may not thrive in more temperate surrounds in Victoria.

Indoor/Outdoor use – Some plants can survive on little sunlight and minimal watering, some need more.

Purpose – Think about what you want functions you want your plants to serve – ornamental, edible, screening, shade, weed control, etc.

Size of space – Every plant flourishes in a certain amount of space. Overcrowding will deprive plants of light and nutrients.

Level of care – Can you devote daily attention to your plants, or would you prefer something more maintenance-free?

Native Plants

Help perpetuate and preserve our native flora by introducing hardy Australian native garden plants adapted to our unique and varied climate. Choose from distinctively scented eucalyptus or Melaleuca varieties, or vibrant red, pink, yellow or white hues of bottlebrush, to name a couple.
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Trees and Shrubs

A wide range of various heights, shapes, and flowers to choose from. Lemon trees, bay leaf, loquat and olive, chili and herbs are popular edible options – nothing beats that fresh taste from something grown in your backyard. If your space needs a burst of color, our Grevillea mixed pack produces spectacular flowers. Casuarina, banksia, westringia, tea trees, melaleuca, and conifer are also beautiful.
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Groundcovers or Climbers

Great for covering larger areas such as garden beds, rockeries, walls, sides of houses and fences. Groundcovers and climbers are especially stunning when they are in full bloom. From hardy weed-suppressinggroundcovers like myoporum to violets, convolvulus mauritanicus Grevillea Mt Tamboritha and a huge range of succulents. Choose from verdant greenery or flowering beauties. Buy Groundcovers or Climbers

Strap Leaf and Grasses

Ideal if you want to add accent, create borders or plant en masse. Make a statement with our flax, blue fescue grass, or go for lush green by way of frosty curls sedge,lomandra or native tussock. We have many grass varieties available. BuyStrap Leaf and Grasses

Flowering and Ornamental Plants


Bring your garden alive with colors and contrasts.

Working in a specific color group or creating contrasts, bring your garden to life with a variety of blooms and make it the feature of your property; space you can relax in and reap unmeasured enjoyment. Blushing pinks come in the form of camellias, daisies and canna lily dwarf plants, or go for cool tones with soothing blue marguerite daisies or purplish emu bush plants.
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Hedging and Screening Plants


Do you want to create some privacy or define boundaries on your own grounds or shield from a neighbor while still maintaining aesthetics? Hedges and screen plants are ideal options. Choose from many varieties such as the classic English box hedges, photinia robusta or the rapid-growing silver sheen pittosporum.

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