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8 Lilly Pilly Fast Hedge Native Garden Plants Screen Lily Acmena smithii trees












 Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.   




The plants you will receive for this listing will be 14-20 cm tall when you receive them, they will have established roots and will be in individual 50 by 70mm pots and are ready to plant into your garden.



Lilly Pilly

Sold by many nurseries with an emphasis on their ability to give you a quick living screen to block out neighbours, stating that with these as a hedge your neighbours will be gone


It is recognised as a superfast hedge that will grow around a metre per year once established.


Will grow in full sun to 50% shade


This is the full sized variety that can be hedged in at any height between 1.5 and 10 metres



8 trees gives over 8 metres of hedging or a small glade 

Plant them 1 metre apart for a quick dense hedge.

To hedge even faster for privacy, plant them close together at 0.5 metres and them remove every second tree when they really crowd each other.

 As a single specimen it also stands alone well.



The lush new growth on these trees is multi-toned bronze and reds that beautifully contrast and complement the different greens of the tree.

Lilly pillies have masses of dainty light flowers in spring to early summer that grow onto being edible white, pink andor purple berries.

Its berries, though ornamental are also recognised as bush tucker and are used to make lilly pilly jam etc.


Thrives in most soil conditons, growing well in full sun through to semi shade.


Long living, with many decades of growth, they can be left to grow to their full height or easily contained by regular pruning.

Also able to be contained in pots.


Many people use them to create standards, sculptors (topiary), etc

Screen, Hedge, Standards, Topiary or as single or multiple plantings.

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