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30 Dianthus Plants Ideal Sweetheart/Mixed Dianthus chinensis x barbatus

A hardy long flowering low variety that is great for borders, mass plantings and rows plant them 15 to 25cm apart.

Great for bedding, rockeries, containers, borders, tubs, cottage gardens, mass combination and scattered plantings, Etc

Drought and frost resistant to minus 12


The plants you will receive will be 9 to 15cm tall.

They will come in individual 50 by 70mm pots

They will have established roots.

They will be ready to plant into your garden


A beautiful mixture of cherry, red pink and white flowers that have the red centres.


The flowers at 2-4cm wide and are borne throughout the summer


Will grow to a height of 20 to 35cm tall and wide


They are quite heat tolerant


Low maintenance


Full sun to light shade


You will receive a random mix of colours as we do not know their colour until they flower.


They will handle hardy conditions but will flower much longer when planted in rich soil that is watered regularly.


Closely related to hardy carnation plants


They can handle long periods of dry.


The Collage of pictures throughout this listing is a good indication of the colours that are produced by this variety


Will grow Australia wide as well as in coastal areas


Great colors for your garden


They are all hardy once established.


Fast growing


You can trim them quite hard and they will grow back.




They are popular for their great foliage structures

and prolific flowers


Great for adding scattered or masses of colour in your garden or in pots


Will grow in most soil types.

If drainage is poor raise the beds by 15cm with a good draining topsoil


It works well in scattered plantings or as a contrasting border.


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