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8 Dwarf Flowering Gums Native Garden Plants Gum Trees Corymbia ficifolia Flower














 Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.   S





The plants you will receive this listing will be 15 to 20cm tall.
They will come individual 40mm by 80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden

8 Dwarf Flowering Gums

Corymbia ficifolia

Previously known as Eucalyptus ficifolia

Great Australian native small to medium tree


There is a great genetic variation in flower color with this variety, which ranges from pale yellow, cream, light and dark pinks, oranges and reds. 

We cannot guarantee colors as you will not know until they flower.

This  flowering gum is a small tree usually grows to approximately 5-8 metres in height when mature

Frost tender when a sapling but will develop frost tolerance to -7 celsius as they mature

Originally from Western Australia, this variety has found itself popular to garden enthusiasts around the world.

Highly adaptable: Will grow in a wide range of soil from sandy to clay.

Drought-tolerant; Great for xeriscaping (low water gardening).

Its has the large masses of  flowers that are seen in clusters as per the pictures around this listing.

The flowers of this native attract birds, butterflies and nectar eaters to your garden.

Semi cascading foliage.

They can grow in full sun to semi shade.

You can plant them under tall gums as long as it is not a deep shaded position.

Once established this variety will handle long periods with out rain but it will also grow well in quite wet conditions as long as drainage is good.

They will also grow in quite windy and coastal areas

Work well in scattered plantings, within native settings or as borders, rows, driveways, hedges and in large pots

These are seed grown and are not grafted 


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