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10 Westringia Wynyabbie Gem Mauve Native Garden Plants Hedge Coastal Rosemary




















  Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory                      



One of our many Australian Native Plants Varieties

Except the groundcover form which is a bit shorter

The plants for this listing come in individual 40m or 50mm BY 70mm pots, will have established roots and are ready to plant straight into your garden.

Westringia Wynyabbie Gem

(Coastal Rosemary Plants)

Westringia are hardy evergreen gloss leaved native shrubs that have foliage very similar in shape as rosemary.

This variety of westringia has the clusters of mauve flowers framed by its fine green foliage.

They are long flowering, hardy, fast growing varieties that can also be hedged.

We usually also have 3-4 other types of westringia also available:
See pictures below


Westringia Fruticosa {white flowering)
Morning light (Yellow and green leaved form)
Westringia Smokey (White flowers & smoked grey foliage)
Westringia white rambler is a groundcovering form

If you want one of these other varieties please have a look at the following link to see if we have them in stock.

Westringia fruticosa
is a white flowering form with mid green leaves that are a fraction coarser.

Westringia Smokey (Smokie is a more compact smoke coloured variety that has a quite tight foliage structure and white flowers)

Westringia Morning Light is a variegated form with mauve flower

Wynyabbie Gem
are a mauve flowering form of westringia that also has leaves that are a fraction finer in structure.

Westringia White Rambler Ground covering variety is usually also available.

The notes below apply to all these Westingia

They can be kept at a trimmed to a height of 30cm tall or higher.

Will grow quite tight if left alone or you can prune to shape.

These plants will grow in Australia's hot summers and will handle the frosts to around minus 9 of it's cold winters.

Fine foliage, makes them easy to trim and great for hedges, topiary, bonsai etc.

It is hardy and drought tolerant once established.

Grows in a wide range of soil including quite poor and/or coastal.

You can trim them regularily if you want the formal look or let them grow to their natural shape.

I have seen this variety beautifully and tightly hedged.

It handles dry regions when established.

Able to withstand full sun to semi shade.

Plant Pickup also available

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