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99 cents each x 100 Hedging plants


100 Hedge Plants from our Excess stock plant range. 

Every year we end up with excess stock and would like to make room for next seasons plants.


We do not send to Western Australia, Tasmania, N.T or outside of Australia. 


You will receive at least 3 varieties of hedging plants.


You can use them in many ways around your garden


You will receive a RANDOM mix of what we have as excess stock.


They will be healthy and ready to plant into your garden.


It is totally luck of the draw.


Please do not buy this listing if you have specific variety needs.


If you want specific hedging varieties then please have a look in our online nursery store.


The selection is totally RANDOM. You will not know what types of hedging plants you will receive.


The plants you will receive in this listing will be in 50 by 70mm pots or in 40 by 80mm tubes.

They will have established roots and will be ready to plant straight into your garden.

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