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Kangaroo apple Solanum laciniatum x 10 plants Australian Native Plants

They are a fast growing variety with attractive foliage and bright flowers.

Tolerant of poor soils and hard conditions.

The yellow to orange fruit is usually 20 to 30mm long and is borne spring to summer.

The deep green leaves commonly come in two shapes on the one bush being either lanced or multi fingered.

The young lanced leaves usually mature into 3 to 5 pronged leaves hence the name Kangaroo apple in regards to its resemblance to a kangaroo paw/foot?


They will be in individual 40 by 80mm pots, will be 15 to 20cm tall, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden


This perennial variety of Australian native is part of the Solanaceae family, which includes plants such as the potato, tomato, tobacco and egg plants.


It is common to fruits from plants within the broad famaily of solanums, the fruit is toxic until properly ripe.

Before eating its fruit, please do the appropriate research on the many Australian bush tucker/bushfood sites now available on the internet


Frost resistant to minus 6


They will grow to an approximate height of 3 to 4 metres high and wide

Can be cut back once a year to maintain desired height.


Drought-tolerant; Great for xeriscaping/dry land landscaping


Also great for containers, edging, bank plantings containers, borders, screens, soil erosion control etc


They will also work well as a understorey plant as they will toerate up to 3/4 to medium shade.


Will also grow in full sun.


It has the large masses of light lilac five petaled flowers


They attract birds to your garden.


Once established this variety will handle long periods with out rain but it will also grow well in quite wet conditions.


Work well in scattered plantings within native or cottage garden settings or as borders, hedges and windbreaks.


You will find that these plants will grow and look well amongst native plants such as lilly pillies, bottle brush, grevillea, westringia etc, as well as adding vibrant colour and foliage contrast to mixed plants such as gold diosma, dietes, agapanthus, Silver sheen pittosporum, english box and herbs such as lavender and rosemary.