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Hardy Fast growing Australian Native Eucalyptus Gum Trees






















15 Randomly selected from our Gum tree plant range. Mixed 

Native Gum Trees  Hardy Eucalyptus Plants.

We normally sell our gumtrees for $2.95 each


Not for Tassie, NT or WA


The plants you will receive will be in 40mm by 87mm or in 50mm by 80mm pots, they will be healthy, they will be a good size, have established roots and are ready to plant into your garden



You will receive at least 5 varieties of plants that we select from this excess stock



You will receive a RANDOM mix of Gum tree plants that we have as excess stock.

They will be healthy, established and ready to plant into your garden

You Cannot Choose the Varieties
A Totally Random selection will be sent

Do not buy this listing if you are planning to plant out your suburban block or courtyard as you WILL receive 15 trees and that will be very crowded and expensive in the future.


 DO NOT BUY THIS LISTING IF YOU WANT SPECIFIC VARIETIES OR TYPES of Eucalyptus or Gum trees.  You will not know what you have received until they are delivered to you.


 f you want specific Eucalyptus varieties you can buy them at normal prices from our Ebay store.


We have many different Gum Tree varieties and also many other non natives for sale.

This is complete luck of the draw 15 Native Eucalyptus/Gum Tree Plant Pack from what we have as excess stock


 They will be healthy and ready to plant into the ground. But still a random mixture of what we have available.


It is totally luck of the draw. You do not get to choose what height, type, style, color, variety etc.



A Totally random mixture of Native Gum Trees.


It is a totally RANDOM pack.


You will not know what varieties you will receive


In case I forgot to mention it:




Plant Pick up also available from our retail nursery.
7 days per week.



Plant Inspirations Online & Retail Nursery: 

Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm


Sat 9am-3pm 

Sun 10am-3pm 


We work hard ensuring our plant descriptions and notes are as accurate as possible.  Please let us know if you find errors or have information that will improve them.



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