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7 Mixed Canna lillies Lily Plants Dwarf Garden Plants











 Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.   




The plants you will receive will be in
individual (75 by 100mm pots)
They will be a good size of 15 to 25cm tall, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Dwarf Canna Lilies


They will grow approximtely 40 to 60cm tall.

These Dwarf Canna lilies are a hardy ornamental and flowering variety.

They are highly adaptable and can live in very wet to dry conditions.

Although not suitable for continued submersion in ponds, they can be grown in boggy areas as well. Often used for mass wet area plantings.

The flowers of these evergreen perennial varieties of canna are large and are available in 5 random colors.

You will receive a random mix of 3 varieties/colors from the list below. You can usually find the following listed seperately on our website

Tropical red dwarf canna lily,
Tropical salmon dwarf canna lily
Tropical pink dwarf canna lily,
Tropical yellow dwarf canna lily
Tropical primrose dwarf canna lily

Sometimes we also stock the varieties that have colored foliage.

Please email us before purchasing if you have specific colors you want,  to ensure that we have the colors you want currently in stock as sometimes a color will sell out.

The the leaves are a dark to bright Green

The flowers are born on stems above the foliage.

Great for creating a tropical effect from the cold parts right through to the tropics of Australia.

They have a great built in survival mechanism that will see them survive for a long time under neglect as they store water and nutrients in their rhizome and then reshoot and thrive again when water and food are plentiful.

Heavy frost will see them knocked down to ground level and then they will reshoot again from their rhizomes as the weather warms and the rain comes.

Can be dug up and divided to create new plants.

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 0404 850 324 

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