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10 x Blackwood Wattles Acacia melanoxylon Fast Growing Australian Native Plants Trees




















    Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.      

10 Plants
Blackwood Wattles  

Acacia melanoxylon

Blackwood Wattle Trees

 Very fast growing Australian native trees that will be over 3 metres tall in 2 years if you water and feed regularly.


Pale yellow flower in the classical wattle form of clusters as small pom pom shapes


Will grow to around 10 to 15 metres tall.


Frost resistant


Drought resistant.


Many people use these as a quick screening plant and also plant another row of plants of a slower growing variety behind them so that in 4 years tiime you can remove the wattles once the other variety have grown tall enough to also be a screen.


Blackwood wattles will live for around 15 years and is the longest living variety of the acacia family

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