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8 Red Spread Native Groundcover Melaleuca hypericifolia prostrata Garden Plants





























    Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.        



   The picture above is of Hypericifolia prostrata in Flower.
They are a magnificent groundcovering native variety

You can also use this listing to ask for a mix of 4 Melaleuca varieties randomly picked from what we have in stock if you do not want them all to be Melaleuca hypericifolia prostrate.
Please contact us and ask for this after you have purchased if this is what you would like.

8 Plants of
Melaleuca hypericifolia prostrata
"Red Spread"
Groundcovering Hardy Australian Native Plants that produce an abundance of red bottlebrush like flowers from Spring to Summer

Common Name: Spreading Red Flowering Paperbark,  Hillock Bush; Red Honey Myrtle, Ulladulla Beacon.

 Melaleuca hypericifolia are one of the most cultivated forms of melaleucas. 

They are hardy and quite fast to grow.

This Groundcovering form will grow to approximately 50cm tall by 2 metres wide.

 The plants you will receive in this purshase will have stems that are 15 to 25cm long, they will be multi branched, they will be in individual 40 by 80mm pots, they will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Popular hardy Australian Native groundcovers that can be left to themselves or they can be trimmed and trained into shape. Able to adapt to a wide range of soils.

Will also tolerate quite wet soils.

Frost resistant to minus 3

Takes easily to pruning. Can be pruned quite hard.

Also suitable for coastal plantings.

Attracts birds.

Magnificent long flowering display.

Also beautiful in flower arrangements.

Full sun to light shade.

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