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Pink Thrift  x 15 Plants Groundcovers Armeria Maritima splendons Pink Thrift, Sea Thrift

Thrift is a hardy, low growing perennial, with compact and dark green foliage that highlights the deep pink flowers.

Its grass like structure is similar to, but tighter than the fine leaved dwarf mondo grass.


The vibrant pink also sees it used in the cut flower industry.


Often found growing wild in coastal areas in the northern hemisphere.


It likes well drained soil and if drainage is a problem then just add 10 to 15cm of sandy topsoil to the area.


This ornamental variety will form a mound as seen in some of the pictures around this listing.


Grows to a height of approximately 10 to 15 cm.


The pictures around this listing are a good indication of what your plants will grow into.


Great for rockeries, borders, cottage gardens, rows, formal plantings, scattered gardens and many other uses.


Frost resistant


Full Sun to semi shade


Will tolerate poor soils, coastal plantings and quite hard conditions.


To create rows or borders 3 to 5 per metre is a good place to start.


Pink flowers that rise above the foliage in late Spring to early summer


Family: Plumbaginaceae


Will be able to handle reasonably extended dry times once established