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 This listing is for a mixed pack

of Camellia plants varieties.
We usually have 6-8 varieties in stock.





















































      Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory   


7 Camellia plants
sasanqua and/or japonica

We have both the sasanqua varieties (which can grow in full sun to quite shady) as well as the japonica forms (that grow best in places that are protected from the afternoon sun, especially in the summer).

We usually have a mixture of pinks, light yellow and whites and sometimes Reds available Please let us know your preferences via email once you have purchased or our staff will send you a random selection of 3 types.

Each plant will be in its own 50 By 70 mm pots and will be 14-20cm tall.

They will have established roots and will be ready to plant out into your garden or into larger pots

Camellias are very frost resistant


Their flowers are beautifully framed by the dark glossed green of the foliage.
We have varieties for shady sites as well as for full sun positions.

Please specify location after you have purchased

Do not add lime to the soil as they like acidic soil

Many uses: Mixed borders, hedging, privacy screens, scattered plantings, pots/containers, topiary, bonsai etc

If you would like them to grow into a denser shrub, just give them a feed and a light trim after flowering. 


Camellias are grown around the world in so many ways and for so many uses.

The deep green glossy foliage accented by its multi toned flowers makes these a magnificent feature interdispersed within a large garden.


 Long living, they can be left to grow to their full height or easily contained by regular pruning.


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A plant pack made up of 7 Mixed Camellia Garden Hedge Screening plants. Japonica Sasanqua Flowering Plants for either Shade or full Sun.