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100 x Gazania rigens Colorful Hardy Groundcovering Drought Hardy Plants


Not for South Australia. Sorry :-( 


Gazania rigens are tough colorful plants that are pretty hard to kill

You will often see these thriving in areas where other plants struggle


Great for bedding, rockeries, containers, borders, tubs, mass and scattered plantings, Etc


Drought and frost resistant


Xeriscape plantings (low water gardening)


The plants in pots in the picture above is of some of the plants we use to send for this listing and is a good indication of what you will receive.


Each plant will come in its own pot 40 by 70mm pot or hyco tray and will have established roots and be ready to plant into your garden


This variety has a deep root system that enables it to survive serious dry times


Low maintenance


You will receive a random mix of colours as we do not know their colour until they flower.


They have stunning vibrant flowers


The Collage of pictures throughout this listing is a good indication of the colours that are produced by this species


Will grow in both full sun and semi shade.


Will grow Australia wide as well as in coastal areas


They grow to approxemately 15-25cm tall and can be planted as close as 10 to 20cm apart for mass plantings.


Perennial garden plants (last for years) with large flowers that come in different shades as can be seen in the collage of gazania flower pictures around this listing.


Fast growing


You can trim them quite hard and they will grow back.

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