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110 Succulent and Cacti Plant Cuttings  (30 Types)  No Pots Hardy Garden Flowers Groundcovers Shrubs Pups
We also have a similar listing available in our online store that includes 110 pots.



























































 Sorry not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory. 



You will receive over

110 cuttings

Made up of a random mix of over


Different succulent varieries.


EACH CUTTING WILL BE LARGE ENOUGH TO GROW AT LEAST ONE HEALTHY PLANT. Some will be able to be cut again to make 2 :-)

Succulents are very easy to grow from cuttings and offsets. I literally just stick the cuttings into a well drained potting mix in flower pots and then just keep them lightly moist for a few months so that they grow roots.

Succulents can tolerate fairly long periods of dryness. Some varieties can last years between waterings.

Christmas in a box.


The Picture in this listing are of different succulent varieties we usually have in stock though at times some varieties will not be ready to harvest and we will substitute them with another of the many other varieties we stock.

Tough, Hardy and easy to grow.



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Feel free to contact us to ask questions or to set up special orders.


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