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8 Lomandra Little Pal confertifolia Dwarf Australian Native Grass Hardy Plants;



























      Not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.   


The plants you will receive are 8 to 12cm tall. They will be in individual 42mm or 50mm by 80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Lomandra Little Pal

Lomandra confertifolia Little Pal 


Little Pal is a lower growing hardy native grass. 

It's lime green narrow strap leaved foliage sees it used in many garden aspects around the world.



Habit: Clumping


Position:  Full sun to part shade


Foliage: Narrow light green leaves


Flowering: June to April


Flowers: Creamy yellow spikes amongst the foliage


Height: Approx. 50 to 70cm


Width: Approx 50 to 100cm


Evergreen/deciduous: Evergreen


Hardiness: Drought, frost, coastal


Uses: Borders, rockeries, xeriscaping, high traffic areas

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