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For email Subscribers Only 




Online Half price
plants Sale
(Buy 1 packs & get
1 packs to the
same value Free).

(Sunday the 9th of December).

50% Off at our Retail Nursery Sale Continues
for the next couple of weeks.


Get 50% Off All Stock/Half Price Plants if you drop in at our Nursery at:

2c Holts Lane Bacchus Marsh 3340.
For a limited time only

For walk in customers only.

If you are to far away to visit, then you can still get half price plants via our 

What a great deal Cobbers" href="https://plantinspirations.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8b07a040a9fc0b78dab4c9cbf&id=dcddb352c2&e=9cafdc4dae" target="_blank">Buy any 2
plants/packs & get 2 Plants/packs FREE  

Due to extreme lack of enthusiasm,
funny stuff today has been cancelled.

I can't be bothered getting
off my ass.

Buy any 1 plants/packs
& get 1 Free. 

Buy any two $30 plant
packs & chose any
two $30 packs for Free

Buy plants singularly at:

Or buy Multiple plants
per variety at


If you do not 
email the code
on the day that you
purchase you will not
eligible for this offer.

For email Subscribers Only 


Plants must be purchased
& paid for within these
dates to qualify for this offer

No exceptions. 



Bloody Awesome hedging plants Cobbers" href="https://plantinspirations.com/korean-box-buxus-microphylla-koreana-plants?search=korean&utm_source=Plantinspirations+Nursery%27s+latest+Sale&utm_campaign=0bd46ab1d8-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_05_29_03_19_COPY_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ba6648555f-0bd46ab1d8-" target="_blank">

Plants of the Week

Korean Box
Buxus microphylla koreana
Korean Boxwood
8 plants for $29.95
or $4.25 each or
$3.75 each if you buy
5 or more singularly.

Glossed small leaves.
Slightly pendulous foliage.
Great hedging, topiary or bonsai
Considered by many to be
the hardiest of the boxwoods.
Faster growing than
English Box.

Handles both the heat & cold
of various parts of Australia.
Frost tolerant to minus 12.
Full sun to part shade.

Small white, aromatic flowers.
Can be grown & maintained from
any height between 1
10cm to 1.5 metres.



For those who love 
buying our plant packs:
The old website is 
also still running


Also our Buying plants
1 at a time @

is working well.

And even better...
This website is set up 
to give you a 50 cents
per plant discount if 
you buy 5 or more of 
a single variety.

Postage is still
capped at a flat rate 
of $13.95 cobbers.
Even if you buy 1000 

This Online Sale is
Not valid for purchases
made through our
walk in retail sector.

Forward this email to a friend
(or even someone U dont like)
It helps me sell plants and 
to also spreads the insanity.

See below for further
terms & Conditions.

Feel free to come to buy
direct from our nursery at:

Plantinspirations Nursery.
2c Holts Lane
Bacchus Marsh 3340.

2 acres of plants
Many pot sizes

Our nursery is open to
the public
7 days per week.

Sun 10am-3pm 
Sat 9am-3pm
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm


Open Public Holiday
except for Easter Sunday
& Christmas Day.


After purchasing your
original plants  please 
remember to email us
the name of the plant/s or
pack/s that are of the same
value to what you have
purchased that you want us to
send as your freebies & also the
the current sale code to
ensure that we send your
free plant/s.

This offer is void if you do
not email us the sale code
or the list of plants you want
as your freebies on the day
that you purchase 


If you end up purchasing
a pack/variety that has
sold out & we have not
had a chance to remove it
from our website we will
contact you & work out
what you would like instead

This sale only applies to
all the plants listed
on our website.
Most plants are in
40mm wide by 80mm
deep pots or the 50mm
wide by 80mm deep pots

They will have established
roots, will be a good size
for their pots & will be ready
to plant into your garden

Our flat rate delivery cost
of $13.95 regardless of
how many plants you buy
still applies.

This sale is only available
to our email subscribers.
If you have been
forwarded this email,
you can subscribe

via this link:
or via 

Like us on Facebook
to have access to special offers,
giveaways & contests
that we offer to our Fans :-).


Please email or contact us at

if you have questions
about the terms & conditions
of our current sale. 

This sale is only valid
for website purchases at

 email purchases via
or for phone orders on
0404 850 324

Due to staff constraints,
this sale is only valid for
online purchases.

To purchase online &
then pick up
your order from our
retail nursery at
2c Holts Lane
Bacchus Marsh Vic 3340
Please allow us
2 days to organize staff
to pick your order.
Also please let staff know
via email or phone what
day you are picking up
your order so that we can
pick it and have it put
aside for you.

Our nursery is open
to the public

7 days per week.
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm
Sat 9am-3pm
Sun 10am-3pm


This offer is not to be
used in conjunction with
any other offers.

Offer is not redeemable
for Caash.

This is not a discount
off the price of your
purchase offer.

Our mailing address is:
Plantinspirations Pty Ltd 2c Holts Lane P.O. Box 1030 Bacchus Marsh, Vic 3340 Australia

Our telephone: