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I love my dog and the other
day I just couldn't find him

Crikey cobbers

I called n called him. 
No show mate.
I was stressin to the max 
& then realized there was
only one thing to do.

I went to the fridge for a beer.

Struth mate.
Beer don't always solve my 
problems but

Bewdy Newk. I found him.

He looked pretty chilled :- )

This week cobbers, its
Buy any 2 packs & you
can then pick 1 pack
EG: Buy 2 packs valued
$30 each & then you can 
pick any pack worth $30
for free.
Once you have purchased your
2 packs please just email
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we will add it to your order.


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Sale runs Tuesday
6th to Sunday the
18th March 2018.

Plants must be purchased
& paid for within these
dates to qualify for this offer
No exceptions.

when you purchase
your plants, we will not
send you your Free Pack.

Online Sale is Not valid
for purchases made
through our walk
in retail sector.

See below for further
 terms & Conditions.

Feel free to come to buy
direct from our nursery at:
Plantinspirations Nursery.
2c Holts Lane
Bacchus Marsh 3340.

Open to the public
7 days per week.

Sun 10am-3pm 
Sat 9am-3pm
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm

Open Public Holidays

except for Easter Sunday
& Christmas Day.


Plants Pack of the Week.



8 Lilly Pilly Plants
For $29.95.
Acmena smithi
Fast Hardy Native Hedging
Great Privacy Screen
A living screen to block
and make neighbours begone

It is recognized as a superfast
hedge that can grow around
1 metre per year once

This is the full sized variety
that can be hedged in at
any height between
1.5 & 10 metres

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If you end up purchasing
a pack/variety that has
sold out & we have not
had a chance to remove it
from our website we will
contact you & work out
what you would like instead

This Buy 2 get 1 Free
sale only applies to
online sales and is for
all the plants listed
on our website.
Most plants are in
40mm wide by 80mm
deep pots or the 50mm
wide by 80mm deep pots

They will have established
roots, will be a good size
for their pots & will be ready
to plant into your garden

Our flat rate delivery cost
of $13.95 regardless of
how many plants you buy
still applies.

This sale is only valid
for website purchases at


 email purchases via 
or for phone orders on
0404 850 324

Due to staff constraints,
this sale is only valid for
online purchases.

To purchase online &
then pick up
your order from our
retail nursery at
2c Holts Lane
Bacchus Marsh Vic 3340
then please allow us
2 days to organize staff
to pick your order.
Also please let staff know
via email or phone what
day you are picking up
your order so that we can
pick it and have it put
aside for you.

Our nursery is open

to the public
7 days per week.
Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm
Sat 9am-3pm
Sun 10am-3pm


This offer is not to be
used in conjunction with
any other offers.

Offer is not redeemable
for Caash.

This is not a discount
off the price of your
purchase offer.