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20 Hanging Basket Succulent Cuttings No Pots Drought Hardy Plant Succulents


This listing is for 20 different Succulent cuttings that will all be large enough to grow at least one healthy plant from. Succulents grow easily from cuttings. You simply fill your pots to the brim, make a hole in the potting mix with a stick or similar to half the depth of the cutting, insert the cutting and firm the potting mix around it and water in well. Then place pots in a position where they get good sunlight but no afternoon sun in summer. Keep them lightly moist and only water when starting to dry out. If they do dry out they will not die in a hurry but it takes them longer to get roots. They should only take 3 months to grow roots enough to be able to be plated into your garden or larger pots if you want. They can stay in their for a long time. Fertilize with slow release or liquid fertilizer as per direction any time from 2 months onwards. Have Fun. Warning. Succulent Addiction can occur. I innocently started with one :-)

If you buy 2 or more of our succulent packs we will add 10% extra cuttings in each pack for free.


      Sorry not for Western Australia or Tasmania & Northern Territory.     


You will receive a random mix of over








Different varieties of hanging basket succulent cuttings. 


Succulents can tolerate fairly long periods of dryness. Some varieties can last years between waterings.

It is like Christmas in a box.


The Picture in this listing are of different succulent varieties we have sold over the years.  Occasionally we sell out of some varieties for a while. If this happens we will replace it with a similar succulent types.


Succulents are very easy to grow from cuttings and offsets. I literally just stick the cuttings into a well drained potting mix in flower pots and then just keep them lightly moist for a few months so that they grow roots. 

Tough, Hardy and easy to grow.


Feel free to contact us to ask questions or to set up special orders.

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