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  • Sweet Colombian Lime Treesx 1 Plants Fruiting Scented Flowering Edible Herb Garden Columbian Fruit White Flowers Herbal Citrus aurantifolia

Sweet Colombian Lime Treesx 1 Plants Fruiting Scented Flowering Edible Herb Garden Columbian Fruit White Flowers Herbal Citrus aurantifolia

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You will receive 1 Citrus aurantifolia Sweet Colombian Lime tree plants. Edible Fruit Scented Flowers Cottage Garden Herbs Herbal Culinary leaves

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania

The plant you will receive in this listing will be 10-20cm tall, will be in individual 50x70mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

Colombian Sweet Lime Trees x 1 Plant

Citrus aurantifolia
Often also called:
Sweet Colombian Lime
West Indian lime,
Mexican lime,
Omani lime,
Bartender's Lime
Key Lime

Citrus aurantifolia may be a citrus hybrid (Citrus hystrix × Citrus medica) from tropical Southeast Asia.

Beautiful small trees that produce great fruit and fragrant flowers.

A great addition to nearly every garden.

Citrus trees also make great hedges. 
You can plant multiple types in a hedge.

Frost hardy to around minus 5 degrees. (In colder districts, plant them in a protected position.)

The first fruits will appear at around the 3-year mark, with an increase in production with maturity.

Main cropping is in summer

Will form a good shape by themselves, or can be trimmed and trained to your desired requirements.

Can be cut back hard, and will regrow.

For optimum fruit production, feed and water in the same manner as you would plums, apples etc.

Great specimens interplanted throughout gardens, large pots, espaliers, patio, courtyard plants,  against fences etc.

Full sun to semi-shade.

Lime green leaves with purple tinges when young, then maturing to deep green.

Often grown for their foliage structures as well as their fruit.

Flowers: Similar in all varieties, with a sweet citrus scent.

Maintenance: Remove flowers and buds before the 3-year mark to encourage faster growth of the plants.    

A great cropping variety that will usually have some fruit all year round.

Will grow well both in pots and in the ground.

Glossy maroon new growth that contrasts well amongst the greens.

Fruit: High juice and acid content with a gentle citrus scent.
Used fresh or can be preserved.

Sweetly scented white/cream blossoms.

Height: Approx 3-5 metres.   

Frost Hardy to around minus 3. 

Great for cooking and juice. 

(In colder parts of Australia, plant in a protected position, e.g. against buildings.

Plantinspirations Online Garden Plants Nursery works hard to try and ensure our notes on the variety/varieties listed are true and correct, but do not accept any responsibility for errors or misinformation that may have occurred either by my staff or me.   

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