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  • Pink Bubbles x 1 Plants Pinkhead Pink Clover Japanese Knotweed Red Purple Green Foliage Groundcover Persicaria capitata

Pink Bubbles x 1 Plants Pinkhead Pink Clover Japanese Knotweed Red Purple Green Foliage Groundcover Persicaria capitata

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You will receive 1 plants of Japanese Knotweed. Pink Bubble Smartweed Clover Fast Growing Red Purple Green groundcover PinkHead Herbs Hanging Basket Balcony Indoor Outdoor Persicaria capitata 

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania     

The plants you will receive will be in individual 50x80mm or 40x80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to planted straight into your garden.


Pink Bubbles
x 1 Plant

Persicaria capitata 

Synonym Polygonum capitatum

Also known as
Japanese Knotweed,
Pink Knotweed,
Pink Smartweed,
Pink Clover,


A hardy, fast, low growing, extremely versatile resilient ground cover that helps suppress weeds and can also  be used to aid erosion control. 

Will grow in full sun to very shaded positions. 

Will grow in wet areas and also dry areas.
In dry areas, you will need to water them once a week during the dry season to ensure their roots go down.

Originally from the Himalaya districts.

Will develop the wonderful pinks, purples and red hue in hot full sun positions, whilst staying the deep greens tinged with burgundy purple in shadier positions.

Leaves have distinct markings common to many varieties in the persicaria family of plants.

Known for its hardiness and ability to form a naturally dense weed mat.

They spread, trail, cascade, weep and hang well. This makes them great for rockeries, pots, hanging baskets, slopes, edging, front planting, containers, retaining walls, native gardens, dam banks etc.

Fast growing in optimum conditions so will need to be controlled in some areas.

Long flowering with its blooms profusely covering the plant as well as beautifuly contrasting with its green, red and purple foliage.

Will grow approximately 10-15cm in height and will spread to over 1 metre wide per plant.

Will grow in full sun to quite shaded positions. 

Once established they are quite drought, frost (minus 4) and wind resistant.

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