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  • Hebe Mixed x 8 Random Pack 3 Types Veronica Evergreen Shrubs Plants Flowering Hedge Rockery Pots Topiary Bonsai Hardy Frost Tough Pots

Hebe Mixed x 8 Random Pack 3 Types Veronica Evergreen Shrubs Plants Flowering Hedge Rockery Pots Topiary Bonsai Hardy Frost Tough Pots

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8 Hebe/Veronica Mixed Cottage Garden plants 3 different types. Flowering Hedge Hardy Shrubs Wiri Veronica Border

Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania

Each plant will come in its own 40mm or 50mm by 70mm pot, will be 10 to 16cm tall, will be multi branched, will have established roots and be ready to plant into your garden
8 Mixed Hebe Plants (3 Types).
Evergreen Veronica
This listing is for a random 8 mixed Hebe Plants pack made up of 3 or more different hebe varieties.
We try to always have quite a few hebes available in our online store
The picture collage of displayed above is of some of the other hebe varieties that we try to regularly have in stock online.
Hebes are hardy and come in a wide range of heights, foliage and flower colours and foliage structures.
They make great hedges from the low formal tight hedged to the tall privacy screens that many like.
Also great for scattered plantings, pots, borders, rockeries, tubs, garden beds, embankments, bonsai, rows, mass plantings, topiary, etc 
Good Frost Resistance.
Hebes can survive cold winter nights that go as low as -10 degrees celsius.
Also suitable for coastal plantings.
Full sun to part shade.
They all can be pruned quite hard.
The differnt flower colours are beautiful and come in a wide range of forms as well.
I have found that it is best to use half the recommended dose of general purpose fertilizer, 2 to 3 time a year.
Create beautiful tight hedges that have the gloss foliage that is so popular amongst topiary and hedging enthusiasts.
Hardy and adaptable makes these a popular selection through out the world.
Low hedge/shrubs that are also grown in frost prone and coastal areas, handling dry regions when established.
Their flower display is beautiful and their green gloss foliage highlights and contrasts well amongst other varieties throughout your garden. 
Great for general landscaping or formal garden hedging.
Full sun to semi shade, will grow in most soil types. 
Low watering once established.
Prune lightly after flowering to help maintain the shape you want.
This a tough little survivor. 
Also great for flower arrangements

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