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  • Gastrolobium sericeum Black 1 Swan River Pea Plants Brachysema

Gastrolobium sericeum Black 1 Swan River Pea Plants Brachysema

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GASTROLOBIUM SERICEUM BLACK x1 Flowering Swan River Pea Native Hardy Plants Shrubs 

1 Plants of:

Black Swan River Pea Brachysema sericeum Gastrolobium plants

 Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania

The plants you will receive are in individual 40mm by 80mm pots, will be 12 to 18cm tall, will be multi branched, have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.
Hardy Australian high ground cover shrubs that produce long and curving black flowers from late Winter to Spring. 
Brachysema Black Swan River Pea grow into ground covering shrubs approximately 1 metre high and 2-3 metres wide.

Evergreen native plants with ovate leaves that are glossy green on top and silver underneath.

Can be hedged well and trellised.
They are extremely tough and prune well, making them ideal for native hedging, borders, rockeries, mass and scattered plantings, exposed beds etc.
Can handle full sun to lightly shaded positions, and will flower for months.
Frost resistant.
Attract birds.

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