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  • Almond Trees x 2 Plants Hardy Trees Prunus amygdalus Edible Almonds Nuts Hardy Flowering Tree Prunus amygdalus syn dulcis Fruit Fruiting

Almond Trees x 2 Plants Hardy Trees Prunus amygdalus Edible Almonds Nuts Hardy Flowering Tree Prunus amygdalus syn dulcis Fruit Fruiting

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You will receive 2 Almond Tree Producing edible nuts Hardy Garden Plants/Trees Almonds Fruit Pretty White Pink Flowering

The plants you will receive are 25cm to 35cm tall. You can see some of the stock we will be using to send in the picture of the almond trees in forestry tubes in the picture collage.
 They will be in individual 50mm by 100mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.

2 Almond Trees
Prunus amygdalus
syn Prunus dulcis
White/Soft Pink Flowers Flowering

Originally from Iran and surrounding countries
They are very hardy fruiting/nut producing, medium/small trees that will grow to around 5 to 9 metres tall and wide.

Recognized around the world as a great nut producing trees

Also great source of natural oils and wood

Attractive deciduous foliage

Good frost resistance
Also coastal areas

Tolerate long periods of dry
Fruit best when kept moist in fruiting season

Full sun to semi shade

White to soft pink flowers in late winter to early spring that develop green fruit which ripens in summer through to autumn.

This plant also has medicinal, herbal and beauty therapeutic qualities.
Please confirm uses with qualified practitioners before using.

Can also be trained as flat espaliers against walls, fences etc for small areas.
Can grow in rocky and impoverished soil and can adapt to a wide soil range as they are hardy and resilient, yet the best soil is rich, fertile, well drained.

Fruiting plants fertilizer in Autumn and spring as per pack instructions

They do not like badly drained soil. If your area is waterlogged you will need to raise the soil level by around 50cm with topsoil and plant them into that.

We often also have other Herb and Fruiting varieties available...  

Plant pick-up also available

By appointment only

From Croydon Victoria

Please contact us to organize a time that suits.

Not for Western Australia, Northern Territory or Tasmania

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The flowering almond tree picture in the collage if attributed to 
By Davidbena - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=87535439
I have slightly cropped it and inserted it into the collage. 


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