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Bromeliad Queens Tears x 1 Plants Friendship Hardy Indoor Outdoor Flowering Garden Patio Hanging Basket Fernery Billbergia nutans

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You will receive 1 Plant of Cascading blue, green and pink flowering Billbergia nutans Queens Tears Bromeliad Friendship Plants. Hardy In/Outdoor epiphytic variety pot, courtyard  balcony hanging basket etc.

If you buy 5 or more, you will receive $1.00 off per plant!

Not for Tasmania, Northern Territory or Western Australia

The plants you will receive in this listing will be 15-25cm tall, will be in individual 40x80mm pots, will have established roots and will be ready to plant into your garden.


Bromeliad Queen's Tears

Billbergia nutans

Family: Bromeliaceae

Also known as Friendship Plant


Hardy finely serrated, deep green, leathery leaves.

Queens Tears can grow in a wide range of locations including containers, rockeries, beds, borders etc.

They are also classed as epiphytes, which means that they can grow hanging off another plant nonparasitically.

Although they have roots to hold them into position, they feed and drink mainly through what they collect via the funnel catchment formed by their foliage.

Position: Full sun to quite shady.

They can also be grown indoors in a well lit position.

Flowering: Mid spring.

Flowers: Pink, blue and green cascading flowers with long yellow stamens.

Height:  Approximately 40cm to 50cm tall.


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